About the CSIF

The Computer Science Instructional Facility (CSIF) is located in the West wing of Kemper Hall on the basement level. The CSIF offer computer labs to UC Davis students either taking Computer Science course(s) or in the Computer Science/Computer Engineering field of study. The major goal for CSIF is to provide systems to students that will be used for projects, lecture assignments, and other work related to Computer Science courses, but the CSIF also allows independent research and projects so long as it does not adversely disrupt normal operations. The CSIF also offers systems for teacher assistants to aid students in their Computer Science courses.

Accounts will be automatically issued to enrolled students who:
  • are Computer Science or Computer Science Engineering Majors.
  • are enrolled in at least one Computer Science Course. 

The default disk quota for a undergraduate student with a CSIF account is 2GB with a maximum of 10000 files.

To perform a check on quota, simply login to any CSIF computer and type in "quota" without quotes in a terminal.

To manage quota, login to any CSIF computer and type in "fquota" without quotes in a terminal; that will run a script named fquota which finds and prompts the user for removal of unnecessary system files. More information can be found under the Quota section of the CSIF FAQ.

The default print quota for every account on the CSIF is 200 pages.

Users of the CSIF have a 200 Page Print quota, which is reset each Quarter.

The CSIF Support office, located in room 47 of Kemper Hall, is usually staffed with at least one person during the CSIF hours of operation. The CSIF Support mainly troubleshoots and resolves issues that students and/or faculty have with the CSIF computers, but other duties include maintaining the lab rooms, computers, network services, and printing services. The CSIF Support also fields room reservations, and helps with personal technical issues.

To reach the CSIF Support, feel free to drop by during our hours of operation or refer to the Contact Us page.


Kemper Hall - Room 47 - In Basement

If you find something in the labs and do not know who it belongs to, please take it to room 47. Any item of extreme importance, we will hold for 3 days before turning it into the Lost and Found at the UC Davis Police Station.The police department on the Davis campus is located at 625 Kleiber Hall Drive next to the fire department.

UC Davis Fire Department